Available Response Fields

Field Name Description Example
ObjectIDAutonumber field (EDDMapS Record ID)"1, 2, 3, 4"
SubjectNumber,taxonidObservation species Subject number3004 (Albizia julibrissin)
commonnamecommon name of the subjectkudzu
scientificnamecscientific name of the subjectPueraria montana var. lobata
hostCommonname the observation subject's host common namekudzu
hostScientificnamethe observation subject's host scientific name Pueraria montana var. lobata
reporterid,bugwoodid"id of the person, agency, group, organization reporting the data"5
reporter"Name of the person, agency, group, organization reporting the data"John Smith or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
updaterid"id of the person, agency, group, organization that last updated the data"5
updater"Name of the person, agency, group, organization that last updated the data"John Smith or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
dateenteredDate record is entered into the databasemm/dd/yyyy; 10/17/2009
FIPScode,countyFIPSFIPS Code of the state and county the subject is located"Clarke county, GA = 13059"
stateidThe state portion of the FIPS Code13059 = 13
stateName of the stateGeorgia
countyidThe county portion of the FIPS Code13059 = 59
countyThe name of the countyTift
referenceIf record of observation is taken from literature"Wunderlin, R.P., and B.F. Hansen. 2002. Atlas of Florida vascular plants ( http://www.plantatlas.usf.edu/). University of South Florida, Tampa"
ObservationDateDate the subject was observed/recorded in the fieldmm/dd/yyyy; 10/17/2009
LocalityDescription about the HabitatLocated at the East edge of forest near pond
HabitatArea where the subject was locatedForest
AbundanceDistribution pattern and amount of plants"Single plant, Scattered plants. Dense monoculture, Dominant cover, or Linearly scattered"
InfestedareaActual amount of infested area within the gross area2 acres; infested area = 2
Infestedareaunits"Unit of measure (acres, sq feet, etc)"2 acres; infested area units = acres
GrossareaEntire area that a large or discontinuous infestation covers3 acres; gross area = 3
Grossareaunits"Unit of measure (acres, sq feet, etc)"3 acres; gross area units = acres
ElevationElevation from sea level100 ft; elevation = 100
Elevation_UnitsUnits of elevation100 ft; elevation units = ft
canopycover"canopy cover of the natural habitat/forest"10% or low
National_Ownership"National Ownership, description""Bureau of Land Management, BLM"
Local_Ownership"State or regional ownership, description"Stephen Foster State Park
Latitude_DecimalLatitude coordinate in decimal degrees31.450843
Longitude_DecimalLongitude coodinate in decimal degrees-83.507764
latlnglatitude , longitude31.450843 -83.507764
NADatum,DatumNorth America Datum"WSG84, NAD83"
HUC_Number"Hydrologic Unit Code (8-digit number), Recommended for aquatic species"Little Watershed: 03110204
Comments"Anything that is relevent to the subject, environment, mapping""""Infestation across road from landscaping with many documented invasive species"""
HerbariumName of Herbarium or Voucher LocationUniversity of Georgia Herbarium
HerbariumidCode associated with the record at Herbarium or Museum1354832
IdentifiedPerson or group who identified subject at time of observationJohn Smith or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
VoucherIf a herbarium or museum specimen was madeTrue (1) or false (0)
FLReporterName of reporter in FL dataJohn Smith
ReporterAffiliationAgency or Company that the surveyor is affiliated with"United States Department of Agriculture, USDA"
ReporterAffiliation2Agency or Company that the surveyor is affiliated withAnimal & Plant Health Inspection Service
private"Hide (0) or Show (1)"Doesn't show latitude or longitude
reviewedIf record is reviewed by a person or group to determine information accuracyreviewed (1) or not (0)
Identifier"Review process, Person or group who identified subject"John Smith or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
IdentificationdateDate of subject identificationmm/dd/yyyy; 10/17/2009
TXsatelliteSite name for Texas Invaders data
DisturbanceName of disturbancelogging
TxpatchtypeTexas documentation of subject patch typepolygon
TxabundanceTexas documentation of subject abundancecommon
datereviewedDate record is reviewed by a person or group for record information accuracymm/dd/yyyy; 10/17/2009
reviewerName of ReviewerJohn Smith or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Collection_Time"Time in Minutes to collect sample"30
TXVolunteer_IDTexas Only68435
negativeSurveyed an area and did (false/0) or didn't (true/1) find a subject1,0
density"Number of plants, or abundant, common, rare, etc."10-20
FSRegionUS Forest Service Region codeR1
FSForestUS Forest Service Forest codeF3
FSDistrictUS Forest Service District codeD6
Host,hostidBiocontrol Target host; host of invasive insect or disease3313 (redbay)
Quantitynumber of biocontrol agents released500
QuantityUnitsunit of number of biocontrol agents releasedadults
AKEPICSiteSite name if revisit - Use only for Alaska
AKEPICOriginalSiteSite name if revisit - Use only for Alaska
visittypePurpose of visit to area"Control, Monitoring, Recon, Research"
methodMethod of documenting coordinates"GPS, Map, Google Earth, Google Map"
precisionAccruracy Error (in feet) for geographic coordinate data if number"Accurate, Number Range, Centroid, Approximate"
stemcount"Approximate number of stems for infestation, range of numbers""15, or 25-30"
AggressivenessExtent to which species is spreading beyond disturbance footprint"High, Medium, Low"
DisturbanceAgeyears since site was disturbed3
StudyTypeSurvey method or type"Highest priority species, Single species study, Aerial Survey, Driving Survey, Walking Survey, Specimen, Observaton"
DisturbanceIDCode for disturbance22 (Windthrow)
ControlActionStage of control of the subjectInactive
MapScaleFor locality data derived from a digitized map or photography23:40
MapDateFor locality data derived from a digitized map or photography1978
DataTypeDescription of shape of documented subject"Point, Line, Polyline, Polygon, County Record, Quad Record, Quarterquad Record"
AccessDescription"foot, easy, roadside, etc"
Maturity"Description (mature, immature, both)"Mature
DisturbTypDescription of current or historical disturbance that occurred to habitat"Agriculture, road, trail, fence, mining, logging, hog damage/digging, etc."
DisturbSevDescription of severity of disturbance"Light, moderate, heavy"
SurveyorName or initials of surveyor other than ReporterJohn Smith; J. S.
otherSurveyorsName or initials of surveyor other than Reporter"Mary Jones, Jane Kelly"
TreatmentIf an attempt at control of invasive species was made (1) or not made (0)treated (1) or not (0)
TreatmentCommentsDescription and/or date of treatment"Type of treatment made (pesticide name, mechanical method, etc), date of treatment environmental conditions at time of treatment, etc."
SiteNameSpecific name of area by organizationGH135
StarttimeSurvey start time8:25
Stoptimesurvey stop time9:45
project Identifies the website reporting form used or bulk data.3 = EDDMapS West
phenologyDescription of subject life stage and characteristics"Flowering, Fruiting, Seedling, Mature plant, Adult, Juvenile, Immature, etc."
FWCSPPNOa numeric value associated with an internal species database4581
FWCLocIDAn ID assigned to a location in the FWC databas8610
FWCObservationIDAn ID associated with the record from the FWC database8128
IdentificationCredibility"Review process, the reviewer making the call on record information accuracy"possible, credible, or verified
NumberCollectedNumber or description of species observed or collected"4 beetles, 20 birds, 18 egg masses, etc."
VerificationMethod"Review process, reviewer describing verification method""Expertise, photographs, herbarium specimen"
YearAccuracyUse when only have year or month/year for observation date"Actual, estimated, published, to the year, to the month"
ProjectnameName given to records as part a project or survey programAlaska Only
ProjectDescriptionDescription of the projectAlaska Only
ProjectMethodAKEPIC Method used for surveying or collecting dataAlaska Only
ProjectDiscussionDescriptionAlaska Only
DateupdatedDate record information is updated in the databasemm/dd/yyyy; 10/17/2009
AgentSourceSource of the Biocontrol Agents releasedUSDA Laboratory
GPSModelBrand and model of the GPS used to document the coordinatesTrimble Nomad 900G
CityCity of occuranceAtlanta
Sex"Sex of the subject, if known"Male/Female/Both
URLURL link to source data recordwww.invasiveplants.org/specimen/IP65461
ManagementTypeDescription of priorty for land management"Recreation, wildlife, water quality, etc.."
ImpactedResourcesDescription of resource the subject is impacting by infestation"Specific animal sanctuary, endangered species, habitat ,restoration, etc."
SrcnameOrganization providing dataFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
SrcidOrganizational number for recordWaypoint or Organzation ID
UpdatedbyPerson or group who updated the recordJohn Smith or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
CountryCountry in which the subject was recordedCountry Code
Confidenceconfidence of the reporter"Unsure, Possible, Probable, Certain"
refugeWildlife Refuge
siteIDnumber references a site for a particular project site25
hidden"record saved but not ""submitted"" to reviewers or the public"True (1) or false (0)
Depthdepth of waterbody for aquatic observations2
Depthunitsdepth units of waterbody for aquatic observationsfeet
WaterbodyTypeType of water body for aquatic observationslake
WaterVelocityVelocity of water"Fast, 3 mph"
WaterClarityWater Clarity"turbid, secci dish depth"
NutrientLevelAmount of nutrients in aquatic body"eutrophic, low nutrient load, nutrient numbers"
SalinitySalinity of water body"tidal, non-tidal, or ppm/ppb"
percentplotcoveredpercent cover in plot0.25
percentbodycoveredpercent cover in body of water0.5
AspectDirection which a slope facesNortheast
SoilMoistureText or measurement of soil moistureSaturated
IPANEFormForm ID by IPANE256
Substratesubstrate of waterbodysand
TownshipIDCivil township ID23546
AlbertaIDTownshipIDs for Alberta29860
percentcoverPercent cover of invasive species0.5
CWMAidCode for Cooperative Weed Management Area21 (Imperial County)
sourcetypeidIdentifies the source of the data1 (Herbarium)
hostphenologyDescribes the life stage of the hostMature
HostDamageDescribes the damage done to the host by biocontrol agents or PIPE species26-50%
ReviewerCommentsComments left by the reviewer of the recordCorrectly identified
hostnameName of the host speciescotton
CourseDirection of travel54
ElevationUncertaintyInMetersElevation from sea level uncertainty5
SpeedInMetersPerSecondSpeed of travel in meters per second5
TrapTypeType of trap utilized to capture insects8-10 hole clear 32 oz-yeast-sugar solution
NumberofTrapsNumber of traps used10
ConservationAreaName of conservation area in which the record is locatedLakehead Region Conservation Authority
IncidenceNumber of measure for disease occurrence/presence on subject50
IncidenceUnitUnit of measure for incidencepercent
SeverityNumber of measure for disease impact on subject17
SeverityUnitUnit of measure for severityunit
LifeStatusNotes if subject is alive or deadAlive
NumberObservedNumber or estimation of number of subjects observed25
LargestObservedSize of largest subject observed1
SmallestObservedSize of smallest subject observed1
LargestObservedUnitsUnits for size of largest subject observedinches
SmallestObservedUnitsUnits for size of smallest subject observedcentimeters
WaterbodyNameName of waterbody where subject was observedEramosa River
OriginalReportedSubjectOriginal name given by reporter for subjectKudzu
EradicationStatusStatus of eradicated observation siteEradicated
EradicationDateDate of eradication7/24/2014
GeogWKT,wellknowntextThe well-known-text that describes the geography of the occurrencePOINT(31.1526 -81.253)
GeogType"Calculated from GeogWKT, this is the type of spatial data"
TargetNameName used to describe what was surveyedtree
TargetCountCount of targets surveyed10
TargetRangeRange of the count of targets surveyed5/10/2015
reviewedByEDDMapS User ID that reviewed the record2546
treatmentAreaArea of site treated for invasive population control2 acres = 2
plantstreatedNumber of plants treated to control invasive population14
treatmentareaunitsUnits for area of site treated for invasive population control2 acres = acres
infestedareainacresinfested area in acres.0567