Available Response Fields

Column Name Description Example
imgnumThe unique identifier for the image
photographerWho took the imageJoe Laforest
organizationThe authors organization University of Georgia
organizationidThe authors organization id
scientificnameThe image's subject's scientific nameAdoretus sinicus
commonnameThe image's subject's common nameaiakanene
subjectidThe image's subject's id
Node The node the image belongs to Colorado state university
Nodeid The image's node id
contact Who to contact about the imageJoe Laforest
descriptorThe images descriptorAdult(s)
descriptoridThe image's descriptor id
descriptionSome text describing the image
citationcitation for the image
dateupdatedThe date the image was updated
dateacquiredThe date the image was acquired
editor Who edited the image Joe Laforest
countcount of images 54