Available Response Fields

Filter Name Description Example API lookup
imgnumimage numbers of the images you are looking forimgnum=0000001
editorthe id of the last person to edit the imageeditor=1
descdescriptor id of the imagedesc=1
gendergender caste of the imagegender=1
typeType of the imagetype=1
viewView of the imageview=1
areaAreas of the imagearea=1
personis there a person in the imageperson=1 or person=0
autImage photographeraut=1
resresolution of the imageres=1
landscapeis the picture orientation landscapelandscape=0 or landscape =1
hosthost of the image host=2
subjectsubject of the image sub=2
familyFamily the image subject belongs tofamily=2
orderorder the image subject belongs toorder=2
classclass the image subject belongs toclass=2
nodeNode the image belongs tonode=1
projectProject the image belongs toproject=1
licenseLicensing for the imagelicense=1
catCategory of the imagecat=1
divdivision of the imagediv=2
countryThe country the image was taken incountry=5
statestate the image was taken instate=5
orgorganization the photographer belongs toorg=1
voucherVoucher specimen voucher=0 or voucher =1

Excluding data

Data can be excluded from the results by a query parameter neq. All filters above work with the neq query parameter. The format for use is neq=key:value,key:value.